• I hope you enjoy visiting our website and viewing our art. We specialize in what we love and what comes natural to us - children and families.

    We never stop striving to bring you the highest in photography and art. We create portraits to be displayed as art for your home. As one of our clients always says, "my children are my art". We seek to envoke the individual beauty in everything we create.

    We are constantly moved by children. They make us laugh! We love for them to remind of the most important things in life. Living well, laughing often, and loving much!

    Laura, my daughter and right-hand woman, and myself are skilled trained artists. We begin with an artistic approach to portraiture and we use our abilities to create individualized art pieces specifically for you.

    Larry, my husband and a fantastic framer, completes our portraiture into finished pieces ready to place directly on your wall, easel, or table. We have an extensive selection of frames, mouldings, and mats.

    Mary... better known to all that know her as Ninny, my mother and the heart of our studio. We jokingly call her the "giggle getter"! She is our secret weapon when working with children and she answers the phone, schedules appointments, and is the exciting voice on the end of the phone when your portraits are ready.

    Robert, our associate photographer, specializes in senior photography and weddings. He also does copy/restoration work, graphic design, special events, passports, and videography.

    We would love to speak with you more about the kind of photographic art you would like to display in your home. We will discuss location, clothing selection, and your personal style. We are also available for in home design consultations.

    We look forward to hearing from you.

    Vicki Popwell, portrait artist

Another beauty….Natalie

It has been my pleasure to work with beautiful Natalie through the years.  Recently, she took top honors at her school pageant, and her mom brought her in for a special portrait session.

This is the dress she won her title with and I created this image that was selected for her painting.  Natalie’s father surprised her mom on Christmas eve with the delivery to their home!

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Beautiful Alice

The new year is here and we are so excited at our studio.  I am completing several new paintings and here is one to enjoy.  This lovely painting of Alice was just framed and received by her precious family, and I couldn’t wait any longer to share it with you.

This is a great time to schedule a portrait session and plan a special portrait for your home!  Give us a call at 334.222.2727.


Adorable Alice
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Ethereal: adj

Ethereal:  extremely delicate and light in a way that seems too perfect for this world….

Often when designing portraits for our clients, I ask them if they have thought of how they would like the final portrait to look, and where it will be displayed.  Here are several examples of very recent portraits with a light and etheral feel.  I’ll follow up with portraits created in a mid tones and them some with dark tones.  Hope these images get you inspired and thinking about the way they might look in our home!


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